How To Train Young Goalkeepers & Guidelines for Establishing Youth Soccer Skill

In today's episode, we go over the do's and don'ts of developing young goalkeepers. We constantly speak with coaches that they battle with not just integrating young players into the goalie role, however also how best to establish young players.

I will take you through some essential things to do, and not do, as well as some concerns I have actually faced when working with more youthful keepers throughout our training sessions. Take a look at the program notes below and we hope you enjoy this episode of In between The Posts!

Episode Intro:

  • Tyler explains his take on young goalkeepers and how it formed him as a coach
  • Initially, we need to define the age group we're talking about

Exactly what to teach:

  • Fundamental Guidelines of Goalkeeping
  • Correct Capturing Strategy
  • Diving ... not so much at U9 and below
  • U10 start to work on positioning

U10 players:

  • Stress the value of securing the near post
  • Reducing the angles as the ball takes a trip
  • Leaving their line free of charge balls in the area

Then hang around to deal with exactly what they need to do after they get the ball in their hands:
  • Do not stress, take a deep breath, let the traffic clear and after that disperse the ball
  • U8 and listed below you probably simply want them getting the ball up field to restart play
  • U9 and up you ought to begin to include other choices depending on the gamers around them
  • If field gamers have a good ability level then they can start to work on distribution with their hands, if not stress where they must want to punt a ball

For Younger Players:

  • On groups that you don't actually require to have a designated player how do you get them all comfortable in net or better yet how do you discover the kid with natural talent?
  • Find a fun drill that rotates everyone in and has a shooting component

3 Secret Takeaways For Coaches:

  • Do not blame young keepers when they provide up a goal.
  • The coach must stay calm, to numerous coaches start to go crazy and scream eliminate it which inhibits a players capability to make choices.
  • Remember the more youthful the gamer, the much shorter the attention span, keep it basic, don't let this bother you.

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